Classroom Reflection Analysis

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At George Fisher Middle School, students and teachers work together to collaborate and create a positive learning environment. The 6cs of the school that are emphasized areas of focus are critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, citizenship, and compassion. Students in this class features students who enjoy participating and having an active role in the learning. The class also features many theatre kids, I can take into consideration these interests. Prior knowledge- Students have already learned about the Bills of Rights with an emphasis on the 1st and 4th amendment. Students have also been introduced and are familiar with the Supreme Court and its role in government. Students have performed presentations before and have engaged in classroom discussions and debates in previous lessons. Gap- In order for this lesson to be successful, I will engage students in a classroom discussion and debate on the topic. I must remind students that during this lesson, they will get a chance to share their thoughts about the Supreme Court case, but must be respectful to others opinions. There are no ELL’s in this class. There are no gifted students in this class. There are no IEP’s. Two students have 504 plans. There is one student of concern who often gets off task during lessons and distracts other students. When engaged he remains on tasks. The central focus is what rights do students have in school? How does the 1st amendment apply in school? The

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