Classroom Reflection

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Students love thinking they have goals. The benefits of having a goal oriented objectives in a classroom could allow people to matriculate easier into a learning environment that makes them happy. In a classroom, there are many ways to incorporate a routine into a student’s daily schedule that elicits the kind of learning outcomes that can make this possible. Positive interactions between student and teacher can be observable if there is understanding, respect, and recognition. Goals made by students and teachers to achieve this developmental interaction determines the productivity present within every objective. In all three videos representing the multiple forms of student interaction, a classroom can be greatly impacted by the time dedicated to student interaction through engagement.
Furthermore, between each student there is an eagerness to listen and learn from each other once given the responsibility to by a teacher. Preparing a student to be more comfortable and experienced in engaging in a classroom could be possible when they are designated with a role or a responsibility. A way, used in one video, to establish an unmeasurable amount of newfound equality in a diverse classroom is through a practice called tracking. In Mrs. Noonan’s classroom, the focus is on the speaker and that enables the students to actively and respectively listen by giving eye contact. Mrs. Noonan uses reinforces the policy in her classroom management by keeping a visual board in which keeps
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