Classroom Reflection

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In this short paper, I cover reflection on one of my English classes. The textbook for this class was “Interchange Intro” by Jack C. Richards and the students were elementary level. All of the students were present (14 students). I planned to create a fun and lively atmosphere in the classroom. Therefore, in today’s lesson main focus of learning is just based on games. Richards (2005) suggested “games provide stimulating ways to practice a variety of skills, including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening. Classic and innovative games, such as Twenty Questions, Hot Potato, and Change Chairs, add enjoyment to learning. Depending on teacher’s goals, games can be used as a warm-up, as additional practice, or as a review”. I chose two games for this class: a) Twenty Questions (use to practice grammar, speaking, listening), b) Mime (use to practice vocabulary, grammar). The aim of the first game is to give the students practice asking yes/no questions, on the other hands, in the second game the main aim is to help the students personalize and review vocabulary and grammar in an active way. I used both of them step by step in the class. First of all, I began the class with the first game (Twenty Questions). In order to start the game, I asked the students to make two small groups. Then, I explained the task for them and I asked one student in each group thinks of a famous person and other students ask yes/no questions to guess the person. For example: “Is it a man? Is

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