Classroom Reflection

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In schools and classroom, the direct interactions between teachers, students and their peers is a crucial component in order to maintain a positive and comfortable learning experience. Through observing the students as they arrived in class, I make sure that every student that is present in class are feeling good and ready for lesson. It is important as to how a teacher interact with their students will have an effect on how the student perform in class. The more encouraging and nurturing these relationships and places (classroom) are, the better the students will be able to engage themselves more in learning. I make sure that I maintain the classroom and check on my students in order for learning to proceed on in a more effective manner. Most of the time Chinese lessons are right after their recess, so students may feel tired. I will need to first fulfill their physiological needs by ensuring that classroom doors and windows are all opened (for air regulation), students have enough buffer time to settle down due to travelling from one class to another (giving them one minute of the time for drinking of water, visiting toilets or doing some simple stretching exercise to refresh their mind). Only when I satisfy this level of needs, then I will be able to provide them with a safe and secure environment (safety needs) that is clean and conducive. Mutual respect is very important in school and is shown through the daily routine. For example, greeting each other (both teachers

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