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This resource would be an effective tool because it has educational resources that are beneficial for teaching and learning. It provides primary school resources for a range of categories, subjects and levels. The program can be used within the classroom environment to provide engaging resources and games to children. It can also be used at home to assist them with their learning and completing set homework. This resource is a brilliant way to encourage positive behaviours within the classroom. It is a very creative and well-designed technique for teachers to award students for positive behaviour with gold stars. It also allows teachers to share attendance, behaviour and homework rewards with parents. Classroom Heroes can also be used during…show more content…
It provides age-appropriate activities, questions and facts that are adjusted for each grade cluster. It is available every day with different warm up activities and gives students a sense of success every morning. Daily Starters can be projected on a whiteboard for the class to complete in collaboration, or students can use classroom computers/iPads and work with partners to complete it. Back-To-School Planning Guide is a resource that has plenty of successful strategies and advice shared by teachers. It is very useful for new teachers in terms of planning, getting the classroom ready, classroom management and parent communication. It also has great ideas and activities for the first few weeks of school that teachers can use to fill up their daily lessons with. This resource will take away the stress and confusion from the expectations of a first year teacher. This website has collections of educational resources created by expects on a wide range of topics for teachers. They have videos and lesson plans for many subjects and grade levels. This online community also has a blog to allow teachers to communicate, seek advice and learn when the need arises. It also has a survival guide for new teachers to assist them with the beginning of their career in education. Teachers can watch and learn the diverse techniques to apply in their lessons for each

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