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Theme essay
The reason behind why I choose my classroom theme to be the one named “Sunny Skies” to go into my classroom. Is because the colors that my theme uses are a shade of the original colors which are blue, gray and yellow. Between these three colors they are the shades that they come in are called pastel colors which they are a light, faded color from the original color. With that being said that’s the reason why I choose my theme to be “Sunny Skies”. That contains soothing blues, grays, and yellow which it all creates a calm learning environment for both the students and as well the teachers. This was one of the main reasons that I choose this specific theme for my classroom. As well this “Sunny Skies” theme was created to allow quality,
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From all the researched I did I realized that the themes in a third grader is very critical to choose from. Because any theme may be stressful because it may have too many colors that can make the room more colorful but in the room it can change the way the kids feel about being in that room for a whole year. You may think that the theme may not be that important but it is so that the kids won't feel in temedading nor overwhelming. There is so many themes out there that are always used for a classroom theme but in reality the teachers just choose them based on their personal preferences. In my case I had to do a lot of research to find the correct way to incorporate all the main things that that I wanted to have in a theme when I came across “Sunny Skies”. when I took a look into this theme I was very pleased with what it had most of the things I was requesting to have in a theme was in this one specific theme. With that being said this classroom will be decorated to file the kids to success. They will be able to concentrate in a nice and helpful environment where they will be able to gladly call their classroom where they send 80% of there time for a whole school year. My biggest fear when they kids come into the classroom is that they do not like the theme that i had

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