Classroom Video Analysis

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1. Provide a summary for the video (minimum 100 words). This video begins in a classroom setting. The teachers seem to be drilling information from the students. The teacher makes the students quickly recite the words given and spell one word. Then, a child is shown site reading. While the child is reading, the teacher/instructor is keeping track of if and how many errors were made. She also kept track of how long it took the child to read the given paragraph. The next thing in the video, they interview a young student and ask him why he enjoys the directional education methods that they use in the classroom. He says he enjoys it because he gets to read a lot. Another child is interviewed about the directional method and she spoke about how today when she read, she read aloud with no errors as opposed to the day prior when she had three errors. In this video, a woman explains that this method does not target competition between peers, but it make the students more aware of themselves and the progress they are making. The teachers in this video seem to have patterns with how they instruct the classroom. They will provide auditory cues like…show more content…
Provide a summary for the video (minimum 100 words). In this video, a reporter form CNN is discussing an educational approach that focuses on cognitive development for children. This approach tries to understand the mind of a young child. It also focuses on letting the children know how valued their thoughts and ideas are. In this approach, the children are shown that their work is valued by their teachers photographing and keeping record of their work and ideas they express. This approach focuses on the children spending more time in their art class and having more art materials to work with than usual. This approach focuses on telling the children how to find answers to questions on their own instead of the teachers giving them the answers. This focus values creativity and free thoughts for the
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