Barry Schwartz's 'The Paradox Of Choice'

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Opportunity brings desires and expectations in people’s life. However, never-ending opportunities or choices not only bring frustration in people’s lives but also make them saddened for prolong period. In “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz argue that more is less, for to have more doesn’t mean it will meet people expectations. Every little thing is developing so vastly in today’s time, and people are running behind to achieve it. However, they don’t understand the fact that they are putting themselves in a pressure, where they have to make a decision. A decision, that is not only time consuming, but takes too much effort to deal with it. To have more choices only misleads people towards a higher expectation and that expectation can never…show more content…
In “At the Root of Identity” by Claude M. Steele argue about racial segregation, biases, and identity contingency. The author well the argument on how people are still biases toward race, ethnicity, and culture because it is always saying that all people have an equal right, equal opportunity. However, in reality, people restrict toward their choices such as Steele get restricted to go to swimming pool except for Wednesday because he belongs to Negros. The author uses pathos to form a solid argument by giving his own personal experience toward getting restricted being black on certain things when an author was in high school. The author uses ethos to demonstrate well credibility on the article because Steele is a social psychologist, did research on it, and has evidence to support the argument. In addition, the author also uses logos by providing factual information to define the argument. Continuously presenting the different example to show how unrecognized factor effect in people’s lives, even though people have freedom on right to choose what they want. However, it is hardly possible because the condition of life has come from the way society give, or established for identity like race. Hence, individuality contingency is the reason that leads to erasure of self and one’s
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