Claude Monet As A Impressionist Artist In Modern Art

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Claude Monet

Beginning from an ordinary man with the passion of art, one day Monet, a French

artist, became one of the most famous artists in the art history. Monet is well-known as a

impressionist artist in the nineteenth century. Impression, a modern art concerned with

light and color, is an illustrated example that show how well he did in his career since this

new version of art was founded by him. With the Monet’s talent, it is unsurprising that he

could succeed a highest position in his career in that era.

Monet is one of the best role models for people who have several obstacles in

their lives. Depression, poverty and illness definitely made him struggle throughout his

life. In early life, Monet’s father wanted him to run family’s shipping business but he

loved art. Although his father did not agree with his dream, he fought for being the artist

with no surrender. Meanwhile, his mother was the essential supporter of his dream since

she was also love in art. After that, Monet had to face with depression. As his beloved

mother death, Monet suffered dramatically then in 1857. Despite losing the important

spirit from his mother, he was never give up. He attended school and started practice

painting. He became well-known after that. Monet once tried to commit suicide by

drowning himself in the river since he lack of money and his father refused to help.

Fortunately, he was helped by the owner of the
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