Claude Monet Influences

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Monet is accredited as the founder of Impressionism. This artistic revolution was not a small feat. For such an accomplishment to occur, many things had to happen. Monet’s life was filled with different influences from the time he was a child until he succeeded in changing the art world. Claude Monet was able to revolutionize art by the influences of his family, other artists, and the world around him. If it were not for these factors, people around the world may not even know who Oscar-Claude Monet is.
Monet was born November 14, 1840 in Paris France. At age 5 he moved with his parents and older brother, Leon, to Le Havre, France. Here he would spend the rest of his childhood and most of his teen years. Claude’s interest in art had started
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Before Claude would revolutionize art completely, Courbet would somewhat lead the charge. Like Monet, Courbet did not conform to the accepted style of their time. “He rejected Classical or Romantic treatments and instead took humble scenes of country life…” (Knudsen, 2018, p. 2). He painted something that was, at the time, different from what artists normally painted. Many paintings, before the time of Courbet, dealt with royalty and/or gods/goddesses. Artworks were meant for the rich and powerful. Courbet did not view art in this way. Instead, he would paint everyday scenes. Often of the middle or lower social classes. This rebellion is what would later inspire Monet. He would soon realize that art didn’t have to be made a specific way. It can be made in a way that pleased the…show more content…
There are many people that have played a part in shaping Monet into the artist people know and love. Without those influences, art today may not have been the same. Monet’s style was not accepted, but that didn’t stop him. He continued to create unpopular masterpieces because it made him happy. Soon he would change the world and inspire future generations for years to come. Next time you feel out of place or not accepted, continue to push through the difficulties, you may just end up changing the
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