Claude Monet's Paintings

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Four Groups of Monet’s Paintings
“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece,” said Claude Monet (as cited in “Waterlilies Nympheas,” n.d.). Monet loved to paint people and places that he was familiar with. Throughout his life, Monet spent a lot of time producing many famous paintings, which captured his exquisite garden; his garden was something that he took immense pride in. He was fascinated by the beauty and the movement of nature. Although he only painted in the same Impressionist style, there were some differences, such as interactions, feelings, and experiences created in each work. Claude Monet’s artworks can be classified by the subject matters into four groups, which are humans, the sea, trees, and
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A tree implies the beauty of nature. Monet was the master of Impressionist landscape artists. He was interested in producing many series capturing landscapes in various lighting conditions. Monet created vibrant landscape paintings by adopting unmediated colors; he used cool tones and pale colors in the background of his paintings instead of the strong or dark colors to introduce shadows (Auricchio, 2004). The light in landscape artworks generally changes. As Claude Monet stated, the appearance of the subjects are likely to change every moment; they never exist in their exactness (as cited in “Claude Monet,” n.d.). Each series of his land scenery painting shows change and movement of nature. An example of this group is The Four Trees, which involves a series of canvases capturing the poplars along the Epte River during the summer and fall in 1891. Monet used the banks with big trees and the blue sky as a background of the artwork (Cooper, 1970). Basic colors painted in this artwork include blue of the sky, light-brown of trunks, green of leaves, and orange of the subtle sunset. The light source comes from the sunset behind the bank of big trees in the background, which leads to the reflection in the river below (Salcman, 2010). The artist’s intention in The Four Trees is to depict the changing of light and the various weather circumstances (“The Four Trees,”

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