Claudia Card's Rape As A Weapon Of War

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From the reverberation of virtue and righteousness to the toils and tribulations of oppression and persecution, humanity gazes upon its hysteria and delirium and stands idly by as the world disintegrates upon their tattered feet. We have, as humans, have desensitized ourselves from the hysteria and value the triumph and victory that war entails. War and combat, whose ideologies persist with the very fabric of time itself and with this persistence is the resurgence and modification of weaponry. To formulate our concepts of war, we associate our ideas with machine guns, gas masks, and bombs, however, looming in the shadows of our history are these silent agents of destruction: human trafficking, sterilization, and rape. Rape: “The crime of using force or the threat of force to compel a person to submit to sexual intercourse.” (Rape, n.d.). No expression evokes a more vivid and poignant response, the physical affliction of such an occurrence falters in comparison to the psychological toil an individual must endure, throughout the chronicles of combat and warfare, these actions have inspired intimidation and terror in the hearts of the opposition. Philosopher, Claudia Card in her essay Rape as a Weapon of War states the following “The subordinate condition of women is maintained and enforced by the hidden violence of men. There is war between the sexes. Rape victims, battered women, and sexually abused children are its casualties. Hysteria is the combat neurosis of the sex

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