Claudia Kalb Do No Harm Analysis

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Claudia Kalb’s article “ Do No Harm,” published in the October 4, 2010, issue of Society, discuses the healthcare professionals’ defensive behavior that causes the malpractices among patients. Kalb reports that since the Health system’s applied the lawyer Boothman’s program of “ disclosure and compensation,” then the number of lawsuits reduced as well as the legal- defense costs have dropped around 61 percent. In 1999, there were around 100,000 Americans people are killed from the preventable medical errors, noted Kalb. Also, the header of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services even claims that there won’t be any refund to the hospitals for preventable medical error cases. According to Kalb, Harvard’s Institute for Professionalism and…show more content…
However, he explains that it’s tough to change a medicine culture since the senior physicians always rank themselves higher and other lower positions rank below. Kalb explains doctors tend to refuse to follow the directions for safety and continue finishing tasks in the way they’re used to. Central-line infection is one of the major causes for fatal death, noted Kalb. Even though changes were made, that safety procedure such as washing hands is necessary, but people aren’t dedicated their time to adapt to these changes. He states that Dr. Gary Kaplan gave his staff members to report concern throughout the system even if it’s a smallest mistake. Kalb explains in order to reduce risks, doctors must learn skills to safety procedure and teamwork techniques from the beginning of their education, having chance to interact with real life situations with team members by using their technical skills. At first, the title of the article Do No Harm: Medical Errors Kill Some 100,00 Americans every year. How we can reverse the trend is straightforward for the reader to effortlessly understand what the author is going to say. The way that medical treatments were somewhat supposed to be safe, has killed hundreds and thousands of Americans every year even
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