Claudio Monteverdi Characteristics

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Claudio Monteverdi was born in 1567 and died in 1643. Born with an italian nationality. Discovered the most important development of a new genre, such as opera. He also brought a “ modern” spirit into church music, cantatas and madrigals. Two main initial teachers: the director of music at Cremona cathedral and Luca Marenzio, a great Italian madrigalist. He has also published several religious and secular music in his teen years. Claudio printed 2 madrigal books, are in 1587 and the second in 1590. Has excellent, attractive marks aimed to charm rather than express passion.

At age 24 became a musician in the court of Mantova, and later became a music director. In the mid 40’s he became the most celebrated composer in Italy throughout his time. Around the year 1600 a group of florentine intellectuals introduced their Fledgling concept of opera, an initiation of ancient Greek drama. In 1607, Monteverdi took the concept and turned it on it’s head. Monteverdi then created the first true opera called “L’Orfeo”. Monteverdi defined all existing musical convention. To emphasize the wide ranging emotions of his characteristics, Monteverdi subdued the traditional polyphonic structure of the Renaissance, in which all vocal elements were produced equally.

Claudio Monteverdi used dynamics and
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Vivaldi was born in 1678 and he died in the year of 1741. He died at the age of 63. He wrote sonatas concert, orchestials, some operas, some vocals, several instrumental pieces. He was most known for creating the structure for and writing 3 movement concertos. Antonio first became a very skilled violinist. In 1703 he became appointed violin master in a home for Pieta. Antonio’s teacher was his father who was a violinist to the orchestra since 1685. Trained and ordained as a priest in 1703. Vivaldi stood out for his distinct “The Red Priest”. Played beside his father in the orchestra as “an extra” violinist in
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