Claudius: A Great Ruler

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Throughout the books of the bible, we are introduced to many wonderful stories and parables. The most fascinating thing about these stories are their intricate attention to details which can be followed up on and expounded upon in todays time. I have been given the opportunity to write a biography of all of the rulers which are mentioned throughout the book of Acts.
Some of the rulers during this time period have a wealth of information, having achieved many great things within their lifetimes. While others are barely mentioned in the history books at all. I hope to share this knowledge with you so you to can enjoy piecing this time period together and maybe even understand some of the other players in the book of Acts as well as we understand
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He constructed man roads, aquaducts, etc. And despite his lack of experience proved to be a rather effective leader. Claudius initiated several expansion moves during his reign. This was the first time since Augustus’ reign. The farthest reaching was the Conquest of Britannia. “In 43 AD, Claudius sent Aulus Plautius with four legions to Britain (Britannia) after an appeal from an ousted tribal ally.” (Wikipedia) Upon successfully conquering Britain, Claudius was awarded a Roman Triumph (triumphus) which “ was a civil ceremony and religious rite of ancient Rome, held to publicly celebrate and sanctify the success of a military commander who had led Roman forces to victory in the service of the state, or originally and traditionally, one who had successfully completed a foreign war.”(Wikipedia) During his reign the empire grew by over one million men since the time of the previous census conducted at the time of Augustus’ death in AD 14. This was due to the acquisition of new territory and the blanket citizenship the inhabitants were given upon the transfer of control. It was also acquired through the foundation of Roman colonies. Claudius was well know for his many public works. He built two new aquaducts and restored a…show more content…
This was to be done by digging a large tunnel from the lake to the neighboring river allowing the river to be navigable year round. A large gladiator arena was built and a big celebration was planned for the opening of the gates to the tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel was far too small and Claudius and many others had to flee for their life due to rapidly rising flood waters the tunnel created. “ It was finally achieved by the Prince Torlonia in the 19th century, producing over 160,000 acres (650 km2) of new arable land. He expanded the Claudian tunnel to three times its original
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