Claudius: The Best Roman Emperor

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Claudius was a strange, but an amazing emperor. He did many great things and is sometimes considered one of the best Roman Emperor ever. He was the first emperor not be born in Italy, he reformed the military and financial affairs, and he was terrible at finding love. One incident resulted in his death. He was also the first emperor to be made emperor by the praetorian guard. He was ridiculed by his family and everyone in town because of what he was born with. Even though, Claudius had many deforms when he was born, he ended up being a great emperor. Claudius was born on the first of august in ten BC in Lugdunum, which is in Gaul. He was born with a limp and slightly deaf. Claudius was considered an embarrassment in court because he had no dignity. Augustus and Tiberius gave…show more content…
Claudius was treated horribly by his nephew Caligula, the emperor. He didn 't get any more political attention until Caligula died. A praetorian guard found him and they took him to troops and they made him emperor. His reign lasted from January twenty-fourth, forty-one Ad to October thirteenth, fifty-fourth Ad. Claudius was the first emperor not to be born in Italy. Everyone thought Claudius would be a puppet emperor, but he proved them wrong. In forty-two Ad, a revolt happened led by Marcus Furius Camillus Scribonianus. The rebellion never really started so it was easy to end. After the rebellion, Claudius decided to invade and conquer Britain. In forty-three Ad, they attacked and they won. Claudius was the governor there from forty-four Ad to forty-five Ad. Claudius reformed the military and reformed the financial affairs. He made the idea of granting people Roman citizenship to soldiers if they serve twenty-five years. Claudius has a terrible love life, which started with his first wife, Plautia Urulanilla. Claudius married Plautia around nine AD and divorced her around twenty-five AD. He divorced her because he thought she was cheating and he thought
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