Similarities Between Macbeth And Claudius

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This Essay compares Claudius with the tragic hero Macbeth. It brings out the amazing similarities between them though they are generally considered really apart from each other. These tragic characters are driven by the ambition to become the head of their land and it creates a mess for them and others who are involved in their personal and public life. The positive qualities of Claudius and Macbeth can make the readers feel that they deserve kingship. They are true to themselves and feel guilty for their murderous act. They have similar flaws, hubris, insolence, and bravado. Both Claudius and Macbeth are compared based on their characteristics and actions in both their story’s, also their ambitions and how they both were similarly connected…show more content…
Hamlet and Macbeth deal with the desire for royal power and its aftermaths. This comparative study takes us to the possible outcome that a tragic villain can possess qualities that can be on par with the tragic heroes. Being hero-villains, Macbeth and Claudius exhibit similarities. Both are tyrants, usurpers, murderers, aspiring, ambitious, courageous and treacherous. Though Richard III can also be compared with Macbeth and Claudius, Shakespeare’s presentation of that character projects more of his villainous nature than of his heroic qualities because he is cruel from nature. But Macbeth and Claudius become villains because of the accidental circumstances (Homchaudhuri 240). Macbeth’s epileptic nature, fear of death and also the fear of exposure of his dark silence of the actions reduces his heroic greatness. On the other hand, Claudius is cool and composed though he also bears in his heart, a dark silence. Both of them have their ladylove and they act as direct or indirect boosting power behind their deeds. In order to possess Gertrude and the royal power, Claudius commits fratricide. Lady Macbeth enhances Macbeth’s motive to attain royal power by bracing up his courage to commit regicide. Macbeth and Claudius are outstanding individuals. Other characterize cast light on them and vice versa. They are generous, proud and important. They rise above the common ranks of mankind. Macbeth wins the battle for King Duncan against the army of Macdonald, Ireland, and Norway. His performance in the battlefield is special and it is intimated to Duncan through the captain’s words that the brave Macbeth split the traitor Macdonald from his navel to his jawbone. That is why Duncan, in his welcoming
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