Claveland Caavaliers Research Paper

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CLEVELAND CAVALIERS The Cleveland Cavaliers have a lot of math involved with their team. “Their points per game are 109.1, their opponents is 103.4 the difference is + 5.7, + meaning it’s in their favor.” “Their field goal percentage are .453, their opponents is .450, the difference is + .003.””Also their 3 point percentage is .384, their opponents is .357, the difference being + .027.” “Another reason being their free throw percentage being .763, their opponents and the difference remain unknown.” “The offensive rebounding percentage is .243 and their defensive rebounding percentage being .756, the difference being .513.” “They commit 13.4 turnovers per games, although their opponents committing 13.2 making the difference 2.” Last…show more content…
The Cavs are involved in science almost as much as they are with math. They have this program called “(MVP)/Most Valuable Planet ways to keep it most valuable we can do this is recycling or reusing paper, turning off lights when there’s nobody in the room, carpooling to from school and extracurricular activities, donating clothes to nearby second hand stores like Goodwill and The Salvation Army, and purchase locally grown foods from the grocery store.” “They also planted trees for an economic benefit of $1,540,600 for the next 40 years.” That’s how they’re just under being as involved in science as in math. The Cleveland Cavaliers have important history and not so important history I’m here to talk about both. “They were founded in 1970 by a man named Nick Mileti.” “They had three stadiums before settling for good, Cleveland Arena, Coliseum, and the Quicken Loans Arena.” “They have been to 4 different kinds of championships the Divisional Championship 5 wins, Central Divisional Championships 5 wins, Eastern Conference Championship 3 wins, the NBA Finals 1 win, and 20 playoff wins.” “The cost of the team is $3.7 million.” There is the important and not so important history. Tristan Thompson born in
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