Clawdeen: A Short Story

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Clawdeen’s nails dug into the wood floor, and a snarl ripped from her mouth. “What?!”
Howleen sat up, examining the memories that had returned to her. “Yes, I remember. That…woman, Eris, I think. She grabbed me by the arm, and put a blindfold on me, then she took me into…some room and the door slammed. Somebody took the blindfold off me, and it was Valentine,”
Clawdeen began to pace, glaring at the floor. “I am gonna KILL that bastard! I knew he hadn’t changed for good! I’ll kill him, and then that weird Eris chick!”
“Clawdeen!” Howleen piped up, her voice cracking a bit. “Please, don’t hurt him! Please, he didn’t wanna hurt me. After he took that blindfold off of me, he said he was sorry for what he was about to do. He…he started to take my clothes off, and he was being very gentle.”
“Did you tell him ‘no’!?”
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“Why did Eris make you rape my sister?” when Valentine didn’t respond right away, Clawd kicked him again. “Answer me!”
Valentine wheezed, curling up and pressing his eyes shut. “I…I don’t know! She never said why!”
“LIAR!!!” Clawdeen barked, raking her nails down the vampire’s neck. “You know!”
Tears began to leak from Valentine’s eyes as he tried to push them both away. “N-no, I don’t! Please believe me!”
At this moment, Howleen leapt in front of Valentine, swiping her hand forward and scratching Clawd’s face, drawing blood. Clawd gasped, backing away in shock. They all fell silent, then Howleen turned to her sister and pushed her in the chest.
“Go away!” Howleen snapped. “Leave him alone!” When Clawdeen got a safe distance away, Howleen knelt down beside Valentine and looked him over. “Are you okay?”
Valentine took several deep breaths, sitting up and burying his face in his hands. Howleen wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his shoulder. She looked up at Clawd with a glare, and her siblings stared right back in
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