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there is no specific setting throughout the novel. It is mostly in California, but Hannah uses the tapes she makes to map out where to go listen to them. She gave a variety of places to go like the local library, specific people’s houses, Monet’s Cafe, and The Crestmont Movie Theater. it is present time in the novel
How does the setting influence the focus of the novel? the places in her life are like the people she knows: threatening and not the way they are suppose to be. the locations represent where things went wrong since she began high school as the new kid. She wants people on her list to experience things in her point of view.
Clay Jensen receives a mysterious package containing 7 cassette tapes with 13 stories. Clay
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She had a dream about him, she climbed up the rocket ship slide in the park and waited for him. Once she arrived she slid down, he caught her, and they kissed. The dream came true but Justin created a rumor that Hannah let him put his hand up her skirt.
The second reason is about Alex Standall. Alex put her name down on “Best Ass in the Freshman Class” Alex only wrote her name down because he was mad at her friend Jessica Davis. Clay was directed to Hannah’s old house where a car accident had occurred and the driver was in bad shape. Clay then goes back to the tape which leads him to a liquor store where a guy hit Hannah on the butt and grabbed her wrist.
The third reason was because of Jessica Davis. Jessica and Hannah met through a guidance counselor. Clay goes to Monet’s Garden where Jessica and Hannah met Alex. Jessica blamed Hannah for stealing Alex from her so she smacked and scratched Hannah over the eye leaving a scar. On the tape Hannah asks if Jessica went to the funeral and if she saw the scar. Clay thinks about it and reflects that there was no funeral
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Hannah’s teacher/ guidance counselor one of Hannah’s reasons
Hannah talked to him about her thoughts on killing herself and he didn’t take it seriously. She realized nobody cared
He stole compliments from her bag when she needed them the most oblivious joke self centered self-centered unknowing cruel Describe the author’s style.
There are two ongoing first-person points of views. It is an unconventional writing style. Readers are able to see how action affected Hannah to kill herself, and how Clay’s character develops as he learns the truth.
What is the most interesting aspect of the author’s style? Give one piece of textual evidence as an example.
The most interesting aspect of the writer’s style is how the author uses two first-person point of views. At the beginning of the novel when Clay begins using the cassettes, Hannah begins talking and at the same time as that readers were aware of his thoughts and feelings (scared and curious).
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