Claybrook Zoo Case Study

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1. Introduction

1.1 Project Background

Claybrook zoo is a well-reputed but small zoo in the Northwest of England. This zoo has been entertaining people of that part and has provided educational support for students and those in need since its establishment in 1965. Not only that, it has been famous for its amazing visitor-friendly environment and top-level services that are well acknowledged by everyone. And the number of visitors have always looked healthy until recently.

Matthew Jones is currently managing the zoo who is observing the downfall of its reputation and is seriously concerned with this matter. With the only intention to rise up like good old days, he have identified some major problems that is impeding the zoo from doing its
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The system should include interesting features and various online services to assist the busy life of animal lovers and well-wishers of the zoo. The system should be designed in such a way that it should be interactive, entertaining and appealing to the target audience.

To achieve the goal that is set by the agreement of both the company and zoo faculties, following objectives are considered:

• Obtain the clear understanding of problem domain through various requirement engineering processes.
• First, formulate the list of problem domain properties that requires investigation.
• Study each problem domain characteristics and gain a proper understanding through suitable problem domain investigation.
• Assemble a list of suitable questions for the key stakeholders to ask in order to gain further understanding of the problem domain.
• Conduct a proper interview with the stakeholders, thus learning about the current problem and possible solution for the system.
• Compose the specification document which shall include all the understanding and information gathered in above mentioned
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If no changes are to be made and the board declares the system is acceptable, it was will be tested and finally made available to public.

¬¬ 1.3 Project Development Methodology For this project, Our Software Development team will adapt different methodologies to prepare a robust and user-friendly system by following the objectives that are mentioned earlier in this report. First we will gain a full understanding of the problem domain through various investigations. Then we will do a detailed research on other systems that are similar to that we are going to develop and gain some ideas from it. This will help us to further know about the desired functional behaviors.

We will also study about the legislations that implements on animals, software and data.
Then we will also identify the classes and objects within the system and try to create a reliable data system for it.

After this, we will design the wireframes followed by UI designs based on the suggestions that we will get through constant contact with the stakeholders with proper functional behavior and reliable performance. Then the system will be presented to the zoo administration and consider further testing process followed by the deployment of the

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