Clayton Lockett Conviction Case Study

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Clayton Lockett was executed using a three drug cocktail (Midazolam, Pancuronium, and Potassium Chloride) during his execution after being injected he awakened and died a horribly painful death 40 minutes later. The state of Oklahoma was investigated as to why he woke up during the process. They soon sound out that the needle that was put in his vein didn’t fully penetrate his vein. After the investigation the state of Oklahoma had a new protocol to follow. The new protocol was a four drug alternative which still contained the same drug used in the Lockett execution, Midazolam. Charles Warner along with twenty other death row inmates sued a variance of state officials, on the grounds that being put to death with the new protocol was against their eight amendment right. (No cruel or unusual punishment) They argued that Midazolam the key initial drug would cause them a horrible cruel death. They claimed that it would feel as if they had a liquid fire running through their veins. Three other plaintiffs moved for a preliminary injunction to prevent Oklahoma from executing them, the federal court denied due to the plaintiffs not being…show more content…
He sexual assaulted her and beat her breaking: Ribs, fracturing her skull, and lacerating her liver and spleen along with the bruising of her lungs. Needless to say Warner is a sick cruel man. He beat this poor girl that was unable to fight back for her life. He’s a coward that has no right of saying that he shouldn’t deserve to be put to death using this new untested protocol because it might cause him a since of horrible pain. Well how do you think the poor girl felt as he was raping her and beating her until she died? She felt a tremendous amount of pain as should he. But this is where the constitution comes into play they cowards get to run to it and beg for mercy after they have done something so tragic to some one that is unable to defend
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