Clean Air Act Pros And Cons

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The Clean Air Act is recorded as the most comprehensive air pollution control bill in the American history. This Act was created to reduce emissions and pollutants before they had become unmanageable. Since then smog, smoke stacks, and dirty water that had messages on saving the environment have become common. A few people were more aware of the Act and the regulations more than others. While being a large Act, it was an American public urgent call for action for what was seen as an environmental state of emergency. While doing this, it would limit all the releases of air pollutants. The popular environmental movement began in the 1960s and still to this day The Clean Air Act is still effective because it still continues to cut out pollutions. This means that the air is still becoming clean, so the health of families and workers will be at a higher advantage. Illnesses and premature deaths will be able to decrease and humans can experience a longer life. Since the passing of the Clean Air Act, emissions of air pollutants have decreased and prevented even more cases.…show more content…
In 1955, the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955 was the first federal legislation that involved air pollution. In 1963, the Act provided funds for federal legislation regarding air pollution control. However, in 1967, the Air Quality Act was passed to create and expand federal government activities. It was able to expand air pollutant emission inventories, ambient monitoring techniques, and control techniques. Since the 1960s, The resistance that The Clean Air Act has encountered from factories that have tried to help keep the air clean by not polluting
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