Clean Bandit Analysis

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Through weeks of research have found that love is the theme. Poetic

devices, quotes and repetitive lyrics in the song prove that love

is the theme. Love relates to teenagers because they love their

family and friends. In the visual parts of the song a persons

partner dies imitating what happened to the songs conductor. The

conductor loved his partner very much which is why clean bandit

made this song and why the theme is love.

Poetic devices make the

reader understand what the theme is. a simile is a figure of

speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared. “Like

a love song on the radio, is a simile describing this song as a

love song. So from the lyrics its self say that it's a love song.

The song says “will you
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Another example is “I can't

find the key without you”. Now she means that she can't

keep going with life without the person. So all four examples

prove that love is the theme.

Some lyrics are repeated throughout

the song. Clean Bandit has properly repeated verses to emphasize

the meaning of the song. I told you before the verse “Will

you hold me tight and not let go “ has the meaning of love.

Throughout the song the verse were repeated three times and

Clean Bandit made it clear to hear the lyrics. So there trying

to say that the theme is love. Teenagers don't want their

parents or siblings to die or leave so this song relates to

teens the song says " like a love song on the radio." the

theme is love again. The verse is repeated three times and

said clearly so Clean Bandit is making the love as the

theme clear to us. Don't you think love is the theme?

The song

symphony definitely relates to teenagers today. Most

teenagers don't want there sibling or parents to die because

they love them. Love is irrefutably the theme due to lots of

evidence from the lyrics, quotes and poetic devices that

help us see what the message
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