Clean Edge Marketing Strategy Essay

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Arguments for launching Clean Edge as niche product and as mainstream product. The great success of any new product does not depend on the new idea only but in how the company will market it. In order to achieve that success, the Paramount executives should describe a launch strategy clearly before introduced to commercialize its new design of Clean Edge in the market (Hultink et al., 1997). According to this point, I agree that choosing of the best strategy for any product will be the source of competitive advantage in the future. One of the strategy is launching Clean Edge as a niche product and another strategy is to launch Clean Edge in mainstream market. In fact, launching Clean Edge by Paramount executives should be described according…show more content…
Based on the case study, over the first two years of launching Clean Edge in mainstream market may increase the profit so, at this time it can upgraded technically to be market leader. Consequently, it can be more effective for all consumers (StirStuff, 2013). Also, as Paramount Pro is on declining stage and Clean Edge start to be a visible as an advanced innovative razor in the mainstream. Based on this point, I think launching of Clean Edge would begin to cannibalize about 60% of its customers rather than other competitor. So , higher cannibalization will appear when launching Clean Edge in a mainstream. In addition, higher cost would be available when launching Clean Edge in a mainstream market because of the increase in advertisement and promotion. Based on this point, I think the increase of promotion and advertisement will make Clean Edge more visible in the market, but because launching it in a larger market with similar product may cause its profits to decrease after two or three years from launching. In my opinion it is better to start launch Clean Edge in niche market first then it could be move it to mainstream (Leonidou et al.,

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