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A clean and properly managed land plays a big role for any country’s tourism industry. This particular industry cannot be looked down upon because it can be a prospective major source for 32the economy of any nation as proven in numerous countries. Brunei needs to take further steps to maintain the cleanliness of its land, especially within its main tourist attractions like Kampong Ayer and Tasek Merimbun. Thus, the government needs to raise their efforts to keep the Sultanate’s environment clean, and if it is left unkempt, it will surely affect its tourism industry which can serves as a potential economic contributor. This essay will discuss why the environment can cause an impact on Brunei’s tourism industry and economy. A clean environment is the key to the success of tourism. With the increasing amount of smoke and haze polluting the…show more content…
It is notable that Bruneians have the habits of carelessly throwing garbage anywhere they like but the trash bins. Litters such as plastic bottles, candy wrappers, plastic bag and Styrofoam containers are frequently seen at main places like the streets, beaches or recreational parks. One of the causes of this habit is due to the lack of education imposed on the public about the consequences of reckless littering. They are not aware of the hazard it could cause to the earth in addition to creating an eyesore to the public. If this continues, and no proper cleaning efforts are done, it will surely affects Brunei image to the world. Tourist might be reluctant to come to Brunei as it is no longer have the respectable image of a green country. One of the ways to tackle this problem is by educating the locals and visitors alike to value the beauty of the environment and let them acknowledge that when they throw garbage irresponsibly, they are treating their country as if it is a big garbage can (Tourism: Keep Brunei clean,

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