Environmental Policy History

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Throughout the course of American history, society has consistently relied upon the government to implement laws and policies that protect them and the world around them. American laws and policies relating to immigration, food safety, anti-bullying, education, and homeland security have all played a role in forming the country so many individuals are proud to call home. Water pollution, sitting in the category of environmental law, has also been addressed by legislative policies and laws to best assist and protect the environment. When law makers and scientists come together, they have the ability to regulate water pollutants to ensure that the environment remains clean and safe. A combination of legislative power and scientific knowledge…show more content…
As the public became more aware of water pollution and the negative impact it had on the environment, they began to propose amendments for the Federal Water Pollution Act (2017). Once the amendments were passed by the legislature, the law adapted the name that is most commonly referred to today as the Clean Water Act. The new amendments addressed many important topics such as water pollutant regulations, pollutant control programs, water quality standards, and nonpoint source pollution (2017). As society has advanced over the years, the Clean Water Act has faced several additional modifications to ensure environmental safety. Without the Clean Water Act, water pollution would be far worse than what it is…show more content…
While it is important to recognize the changes that still need to be made, it is also important to recognize the impactful changes that have been made. Throughout the years, the overall public attitude towards water pollution has become evidently more positive. In 2000, a Gallup poll stated that 72% of Americans were worried a great deal about water pollution in drinking water, and 66% were worried about the pollution of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. (McCarthy, 2017). The 2017 polls show that 63% of Americans are worried about pollution in drinking water, and 57% of Americans are worried about the pollution of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs (2017). A positive reaction from the public regarding water pollution is a good indicator that the laws are doing what they were implemented to do. Most importantly, it indicates that the legislatures and scientists of America have succeeded in coming together

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