Clean Your Room: The Personal Effects Of Cleaning My Room

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Something that I truly thought that I would never find flow in my life would honestly have to be cleaning my room. Every time I get told by my parents to clean my room, I dread it. Being that I am always busy with trying to balance out my school life and social life, like family and friends, the cleanliness and organization of my bedroom becomes a disaster by the end of the week. I always have clothes everywhere, school supplies and notebooks sprawled out on my bed, and my vanity/desk is always a mess with makeup and hair stuff. Every Sunday, I have to take approximately 2 hours just to organize everything and clean up the mess from the previous week. So one Sunday, I decided to give it chance to find flow in cleaning my room. To do this, I played some of my favorite upbeat music through my speakers to put a happier mood in the atmosphere. I also put my phone away from sight in order to not get distracted by it and procrastinate. After a while of cleaning my room, I was definitely surprised and proud to say I experienced flow in it. I learned that it actually is possible to find flow in just about anything, even if it is an activity that you dread the most. With cleaning my room, I realized that if I just put my favorite music on and kept my mind motivated to just finish the job, then I can definitely find flow in it and the job will not be as dreadful as I thought it would be. This is also very helpful for me in the future because now I know that I was able to find flow in

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