Reflective Essay: How I Clean My Room

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Something that I truly thought that I would never find flow in my life would honestly have to be cleaning my room. Every time I get told by my parents to clean my room, I dread it. Being that I am always busy with trying to balance out my school life and social life, like family and friends, the cleanliness and organization of my bedroom becomes a disaster by the end of the week. I always have clothes everywhere, school supplies and notebooks sprawled out on my bed, and my vanity/desk is always a mess with makeup and hair stuff. Every Sunday, I have to take approximately 2 hours just to organize everything and clean up the mess from the previous week. So one Sunday, I decided to give it chance to find flow in cleaning my room. To do this, I…show more content…
First of all, my sister and I made breakfast for my parents in the morning because it was their wedding anniversary. My parents are usually the ones to always cook us breakfast on the weekends, but we decided to wake up early and give them a break. Secondly, I decided to do the laundry for the family. Usually, my dad is the one that is in charge of doing our laundry, but because it was their wedding anniversary, I wanted him to relax so I did the family laundry myself in the morning. Once everyone was done eating breakfast, I also insisted on washing the dishes. Throughout the week, my mom has the role in our family of washing the dishes, but I wanted to give her a break as well. Later on in the day, my family and I went out with my dad’s side of the family for lunch. While we were out, I also paid and bought my cousins and I smoothies from a Chinese restaurant. Finally at night, my sister asked me to help her clean up her room and usually I would say no because of how lazy I am, but I decided to be kind and help her as well. From this day, I learned that doing random acts of kindness makes me feel like such a good person on the inside. I was happy to help out with my parents and sister. Because I am always busy with school, I never actually make time to help them around the house. Same with my cousins, I do not usually have the time to treat them out once in a while. Doing random acts of kindness is just another one of those things that do not only benefit others, but it benefits you

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