Cleaner Of Your Dreams Ad Analysis Essay

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Debatably one of the most entertaining and memorable commercials during last year’s Super Bowl was the 30 second Mr. Clean ad: Cleaner of Your Dreams, which aired during the third quarter of the game. The ad features a wife tired of cleaning who gets increasingly more turned on as her fantasy husband, “Mr. Clean”, uses Mr. Clean products to finish the household chores and concludes with a surprise ending of Mr. Clean transforming into her real husband, an average looking man. This ad destroys gender roles, showing that it is good for everyone when men help clean the house. Through the use of visual communication, verbal communication, and the timing of the Cleaner of Your Dreams ad, Mr. Clean effectively asserts that men need to help women clean while representing its intended audience, men watching the Super Bowl, and entertaining its target audience, people who buy cleaning supplies. The Cleaner of Your Dreams ad captures the attention of several different audiences. It’s target audience and intended audience differ. Because the major of people who purchase Mr. Clean products are women, this ad was from the view point of their target audience. The handsome “Mr. Clean was a big hit with women aged 35 to 54, with women responsible for 72% of…show more content…
Clean products are advertised. Through the characters’ actions, an enthymeme and a syllogism are used to show that men should help women clean, especially when they use Mr. Clean products. The syllogism takes the entire 30 seconds to prove. The datum is that women do most of the cleaning, which can be seen by the sad and tired wife who no longer wants to clean. It quickly leads to the warrant that women want help cleaning when the wife looks thrilled and turned on by her husband helping her clean. At the end of the commercial, the wife rushes into her husband’s arms, shoving him onto the couch, proving the claim that “you gotta love a man who cleans
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