Cleanliness Of Environment Concept Analysis

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Concept Analysis Paper: Cleanliness of Environment
Nursing theories provide the framework on which nursing practice is build. Nursing theories are built by nurses from research and analysis of nursing concepts that impact nursing practice on a day-to-day basis. Bousso et al., (2014) assert that a concept is a mental construction of a phenomenon that forms the basis of nursing research and theories. In this paper, the author carries out a concept analysis on the concept of “cleanliness of the environment” derived from the environmental theory by Florence Nightingale. Nightingale based her environmental theory on the assumption that the environment plays a critical role in a patient’s health and that the role of nurses is to alter
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This study was a qualitative analysis with data from 22 nurse leaders. From the study, the themes of controlling cleanliness in the hospital environment, expanding the concept of cleanliness to all health care workers and fundamental training of nurses on the habit of hygiene and cleanliness in the environment were identified. Nurses control cleanliness in the hospital environment through policies, clinical hygiene audits and supervision. Cleanliness in the hospital environment is a responsibility of all health care workers and the policies should promote autonomy and proper supervision. When Florence Nightingale developed the environmental theory, she used statistical data to correlate environmental cleanliness to infection rates among patients and used the theory to advocate for better training among nurses. Therefore, the paper by Brown et al., (2008) agrees well with the environmental theory. From this paper, it is clear that cleanliness in the hospital environment is a practical step that nurses take to reduce infections and improve health. The paper also highlights the need for proper policies and supervision protocols in order to improve cleanliness in the hospital environment. The authors conclude that hygiene and clean environments are ways of managing risks and promoting nursing autonomy by ensuring that nurses are…show more content…
The concept of cleanliness in the environment is composed of cleanliness of the surrounding, cleanliness of equipments and personal hygiene. While the concept was first developed to improve quality of care offered by nurses and improve patient outcomes, the concept of cleanliness in the environment benefits healthcare providers by reducing exposure to work related risks. Nurses have applied the concept of cleanliness in the environment to improve quality of health care, identify training needs and to formulate workplace policies. The concept of cleanliness in the environment is related to other nursing concepts such as noise and self-care. Cleanliness of the environment is a universal phenomenon which should be used to improve patient outcome and reduce prevalence of hospital acquired infections and other diseases whose risk factors include unhygienic

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