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My wife Clementine decided we need these journals to document what we see on our travels to Oregon next month, however I honestly think they are a waste of time. At least little Brooke enjoys it. On her 6th birthday last year we got her a notebook that she 's been writing in so I think she 's ready for these journals. I remember three years ago when Clementine was 18 we would go on walks around our little town of bloomesdale. I shore do miss those times, but we haven 't gone on many walks since then, because she 's been cross with me about overruling her vote to go to Oregon.

Mi Ma has been trying to persuade me to leave Clementine here. She has been trying to persuade me to take the Cline family to Oregon ever since an old fella named Albert went there. I think she takes a liken to him ever since pee pa died from a gunfight in town. His death was only last year and she 's already after a new man. Pee Paw and Mi Ma were the same age when he died, only 58 years old, he couldn 't quite make sixty.

My reason to go to wanna leave Indiana and go to Oregon is for the free acres of land, and my family is young except for Mi Ma so I thought we should find a new beginning. I
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We finally made it to independence. The first thing I see is people tons of people. Independence is very dirty, rowdy, and crowded. I hear Jorgensen 's General store is the place to buy supplies so I figure that 's were I 'm taking the family. Once I got there this man named James Seiple came out of Jorgensen 's General store and tried to kidnap my daughter Brooke. I punched him square in the face it may have knocked some sense into him. He said he was very lonely and he apologized. He said I should join his wagon train. So I said as long as he doesn 't kidnap my daughter so he introduced me to three other families that were headed to Oregon as well there was the mingos, the flags, the Collonies, and of course Mr.Seiple. We all thought I was the most

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