Clemmy Sue's Notion: A Short Story

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By Saturday afternoon, the eighty-seven residents of the rural southern town of Wrongberight have borne the wrath of four days of intense intermittent rainstorms and to add to their woes, another storm approaches the town from the northeast. One of the locals, Clemmy Sue Jarvis since birth has lived here and has a homespun philosophy concerning weather – ‘weather will be weather and she will do as she damn well pleases’. Therefore, around four on this particular Saturday, as ominous clouds lace the sky and soaring Pines bend to the rhythm of gusting wind, she lifts her petite frame into her rusty Ford pickup, and gradually eases out of her driveway. Cautiously, she turns onto Flat Bottom Road and follows it south along the edge of the…show more content…
I just done the best I knows how.” “Honey, it be prettier than a painted picture.” “Imma thinkin’ Clemmy Sue, it be mighty wet out yonder and we be lookin’ poorly, maybe we ought not be goin’ to Ruby’s tonight. Besides, it might not be open.” “Oh! Hells bells, Estelle Louise, y’all knows if that Diner be closed - Ruby done gone and died. Since her name wont in the obits this morning that Diner be open. And If we gots a piece of money to be spending Ruby ain’t gonna care one iota that we be looking wetter than rain. Now, lets gets to going.” At the bottom of the driveway, Estelle Louise turns to Clemmy Sue and ask, “Can we be stopping and checkin’ my mail?” “Ain’t gonna happen, cause that mailbox be sitting square in the middle of a water bog,” Clemmy Sue skedaddles down the road fighting the wind and blinding rain every mile of the way. Thirty minutes later, they pull into the empty gravel parking lot outside of Ruby’s Diner and park close to the front door. Before they venture into the Diner, they take their sweet time to apply a fresh coat of lipstick and run a comb through their soaking wet…show more content…
As Ruby attempts to answer them, Clemmy Sue and Estelle Louise sashay into the empty Diner making a beeline to their favorite booth and sit down. Whereupon, Estelle Louis promptly excuses herself, then scurry to the restroom. In a carefree manner, Ruby ambles over to the table and says in a cheerful voice, “Clemmy Sue, you’re a breath of pure sunshine on this dark and gloomy night. However, I’m a little curious about what brings you and Estelle Louise here in the middle of this outrages storm, besides my culinary skills and entertaining personality.” “Ruby tonight be Estelle Louise’s double nickel birthday.” “That calls for a celebration, I’ll bring her a free birthday cake, with unique candles, at the end of the meal.” “Bless your heart. Thank y’all kindly.” “Now, can I bring you and Estelle Louise some hot coffee to take the chill off?” “Yes, ma’am, please and thank y’all.” Ruby begins to stroll away, but Clemmy Sue stops her and says, “Oh, by the way Ruby, Imma wanting to be knowing if that Miss Ta Rot be here

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