Cleofilas Life Poem Analysis

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Reading this poem about Cleofilas life was very heartbreaking. I feel like it’s important for people to understand that when anyone tells a person something important to them they should take it from the heart. When she was young, her dad told her he would never abandon her but he did. It was devastating for me to see that because her own father telling her this which means she will always remember what he said but in reality he lied. It’s just hard to go through life remembering someone important telling you a message that ends up not existing. It reminded me of my life when I was a child. My cousin Natalie always told me we was going to be best friends because our bond was so strong. Now it’s not the same as before the bond is broken and it makes me sad because I truly do miss the strong bond we had.…show more content…
She doesn’t realize what she's doing because she doesn’t know what to do with herself and her husband because the baby is what making them be together. I find it disrespectful and absolutely wrong when a guy causes abuse to a woman. There’s no reason for men to be putting their anger on women like that, it’s not the correct way to solve any issues. Cleofilas is a victim of domestic violence because of her husband. This all started after marriage that’s why I think Juan was using her. It blew my mind how she didn’t do anything after getting hit so hard by her husband. I feel like she needed to leave the house and look for help because no women would still be with their man if this happened to them. It’s crazy how she still put up with him. He’s a horrible man, he doesn't show her love instead he treats her like garbage. No women don’t deserve guys like this, she seems afraid to leave him because she isn’t aware of her actions. I don’t like how she pushes herself saying why she loves him when she really doesn’t. Sadly I’ve noticed that she doesn’t have freedom unlike other
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