Cleopatra Argumentative Essay

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When people think of the Hellenistic queen, Cleopatra VII, her name is typically associated with the title royalty. Royalty was always associated with Cleopatra because her family before her (Commire). After Cleopatra’s father passed, new rulers were going to replace them. Shortly after, Cleopatra VII and her brother married, because of the Ptolemic ways and customs (“Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator”). Cleopatra raised an army and made a promise to return to the powers of Egypt in 48 B.C. At one point when Cleopatra and her brother ruled, he tried to ban her from Egypt. His plan to ban her was a success (Bell). Although, her brother should know that would not end that way for long. She knew the royal ways, she had a plan to come back and rule
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