Cleopatra Biography Essay

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Cleopatra Queen Cleopatra VII was born the daughter of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra tryphaena. the Alexandrians. Her mother died shortly after she was born. At this time, her father remarried and had three sons, Ptolemy XII and Ptolemy XIV, and a daughter Arsinoe IV. The members of this family would spend the rest of their lives conspiring against one another for the best prize, being able to rule over Egypt unrivaled. Cleopatra and her siblings grew up in a palace complex along the shores of Alexandria’s eastern harbor. She studied with tutors who lived in the palace. She attended the Museum, where she received the best education that was available during this time. By the time, she was an adult, Cleopatra could speak Egyptian,
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After a turnover in power Julius Caesar gained control of Alexandria. During this time, he used his influence to end the feud between Ptolemy and Cleopatra. He wanted them to rule Egypt together. When she was twenty-one years old, Cleopatra fascinated Caesar eventually becoming lovers. After several years, he died. She later became lovers with Mark Antony, the ruler of Rome. The queen gave birth to twins, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, but Antony was forced to return to Rome to deal with the aftermath of his wife and brother-in-law’s failed rebellion against Octavian. As part of the arrangement with Octavian, he was to marry his sister Octavia. After realizing that he could not work with Octavian, he fled to marry Cleopatra. Later giving birth to a third child. He willed everything to her. This was illegal and a violation to the Romans. Because their married was considered illegal. This caused war and Antony was defeated. Causing him to flee with Cleopatra asking her to reconcile with Octavian. Realizing that he was weak she had no use for him. During this time, Octavian demanded she kill Antony. Not willing to do it, she thought of a plan which caused him to kill himself thinking she was dead. But Cleopatra refused to surrender to Octavian. She knew that her and her children would be captured and paraded throughout Rome. She refused to
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