Cleopatra Diary Entry Analysis

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Entry 1, 340 BC

Today we are marching against the Greeks. Athens and Thebes has managed to gather a large army. It means nothing, our army shall crush theirs and their cavalry will soon be completely annihilated. The Greeks wish to meet at Chaeronea. My father will lead the military and I the cavalry. This battle will be the beginning or end of my legacy.

I’m back at my diary today; we won the battle! This has really established me as a good leader.

Entry 2, 336 BC

So… my father just died.. He was assassinated at the wedding of my sister, Cleopatra. I watched it happen in front of my very own eyes, and I must say it was quite traumatizing. I loved my father, and I always looked up to him for advice. He was such a wise man.
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Those silly Phoenicians; we captured all their seaports without a hustle. All of their supply has been cut off. I don’t wish to wait for them to starve to death so we have begun the siege. With the help of our mighty siege towers we have taken the city

Entry 5, On to Egypt! Ok, we’re in Egypt! They were so welcoming -- must have been tired of the Persians ruling over them all the time. Even better, I am now the pharaoh! Now I know for sure I am a god. I have established the city of Alexandria. It’s fantastic to have a city named after you, especially if it is a great one!

Entry 6, 332 BC

I, the great Alexander, have proven my worth on the battlefield. Today, my army and I have met and defeated the persians at the Battle of Gaugamela. I have captured Babylon, Persepolis, and Susa. Those stupid Persians have denied me the pleasure of killing Darius for one of their generals killed him befor I. So with the death of Darius I have declared myself King of Persia.

Entry 7, 327 B.C. I have tried to go to the Indus River hoping to gain alliances, but my men have refused to continue. Although I am disappointed, I understand how they feel. They have been away for three years, which is a very long time to be away from family. I had to head home to Babylon, which is now the capital of my empire.

Entry 8, 323
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