Cleopatra Informative Speech

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Cleopatra was the last pharaoh to rule Egypt, she ruled Egypt for nearly 22 years. Cleopatra was born in 69BC and died in 30BC, Cleopatra was last of the Ptolemaic dynasty which was a Macedonian Greek family. She ruled Alexandria with her brother that she also married until he sent her away, Cleopatra’s brother killed one of Rome’s generals and Julius Caesar was not happy and he threatened to take possession of Egypt but instead he restored Cleopatra to the throne. Cleopatra commanded armies at the age of 21 and spoke many different languages. Her first years where a bit of a struggle, there was a drought and famine because of the failure of the Nile to flood. Cleopatra was rumored to have killed both her brothers and sisters who wanted to become the pharos of Egypt.
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