Cleopatra Propaganda

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Cleopatra is known for her sexual relations and her thrive for power, yet she had a way with words that allowed her to get away with these offenses that were taboo. She was involved with the two most intellectual romans of her time, and they themselves thought Cleopatra was a goddess. She talked her way into Roman and Egyptian politics and stole the hearts of the Egyptian people even though she was technically Greek. The Romans on the other hand thought she was a harlot who employed sex, used witchcraft, and grasped the power beyond what was proper for women. The Romans created a vast amount of propaganda and twisted the true story of her life. In order for her to stay in power she murdered family members, deceived enemies, and cared almost…show more content…
She also found a way to smuggle herself in a rolled up carpet back into Egypt and was delivered straight into the personal quarters of Julius Caesar. He was so intrigued by her not as much as her natural beauty, but more by her smarts and the way she carried herself. She spoke with such confidence. Julius Caesar was considered to be one of the greatest romans of his time, and with Cleopatra he found his equal. They soon came to be lovers, and according to Amy Crawford, Cleopatra was smart about her relationships and meticulously thought about her future suitors status and power before she got involved. Caesar and Cleopatra did share a deep connection, but still this relationship was odd. Cleopatra was only twenty-one years old and Caesar was fifty-four years old. Caesar being infatuated with Cleopatra decided to immerse himself into Egyptian politics. They soon both moved to Rome and she gave birth to her son Caesarean. She claimed the child to be an offspring of Caesar, but some historians debate this, again showing how she broke the rules and did what she pleased. Tragically, Caesar was murdered during their stay in Rome, and consequently Cleopatra was suspected to be involved with murder. She then fled back to Egypt and killed both her brother and other sister to gain the role of Pharaoh, a very abrupt way of doing things, but it cleared a path for Caesarean to take the
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