Cleopatra Research Paper

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Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 69 B.C. and died August 12, 30 B.C. She was considered one of the most famous female Pharaoh known today. She was known to be very beautiful and charming. She became the Pharaoh by ruling with her brother then exiling him from power. She stopped the roman empire from taking over Egypt and was very successful in growing Egypt. She assassinated both her brothers and had 2 husbands and 4 children. She was Pharaoh for 21 years, she began her reign in 51 B.C. and died as Pharaoh on August 12th, 30 B.C. Cleopatra was the daughter of King Ptolemy XII, and Cleopatra V of Egypt. Her Father King Ptolemy XII, and his brother Ptolemy XI Alexander II,was sent by his mother Cleopatra III to an Aegean island near…show more content…
When she was first put to rule Cleopatra a 18 year old and her brother Ptolemy XIII a 12 year old boy. Cleopatra decided to take advantage of her age difference and rule the kingdom primarily by herself. She accomplished this by kicking her brother out of any authority position he had in the kingdom. After this she was exiled from Egypt to Syria, but she wasn 't giving the throne up very easily. Cleopatra set up an army by the border of Egypt and gained her throne back. She didn 't back down from her brother telling her to be submissive. She devised plans to help kingdoms, and make alliances to gain…show more content…
Finally, Cleopatra was known for making an alliance with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. When she was exiled from Egypt, she was wrapped up in a carpet and smuggled into Rome and met Caesar, to discuss getting her throne back. Cleopatra accomplished this by seducing Caesar with her charm and her good looks. The then became lovers and had a child named Ptolemy XV, or better known as Little Caesar. After the birth of Little Caesar, Julius Caesar was executed, making Cleopatra flee back to Egypt. She later met Marc Antony and seduced him much like Caesar. They had 3 children named Caesarion, Alexander Helios, and Cleopatra Selene II. In 42 B.C. Marc Antony committed suicide by stabbing himself, because he had an affair with Cleopatra and Rome was outraged and started war with Egypt. Soon after Cleopatra committed suicide by having an Egyptian cobra, called an asp bite her, and kill
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