Cleopatra VII Theo Philopator

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C. 30 BCE, Cleopatra VII Theo Philopator died of suicide by snake. It is said the snake had bitten her in either the arm or the breast, but nobody knows for sure.

Cleopatra was born around 69 BCE, her father King Ptolemy XII. Nobody really knows about her mother, some people believe it was Ptolemy XII’s sister, Cleopatra V Tryphaena. In 51 B.C. Ptolemy died and the throne was given to 18 year old Cleopatra and her 10 year old brother, Ptolemy XIII. It’s likely that both of them were married to each other, since incest seemed to be the equivalent of dabbing and bottle flipping back then. While ruling together, Egypt had a lot of issues, such as economy issues, flood, hunger, etc.
Tension was rising between quickly between Cleopatra and Ptolemy, after a few years, Cleopatra fled Egypt and into Syria. There, she started assembling an army to defeat her so
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Antony confronted Octavius, declaring that Caesarion was Julius’s true son and that Caesarion was the rightful heir to the throne. Octavius fought back and claimed that he’ll seize Antony’s will, and had told the people of Rome that Antony had given Cleopatra Roman possessions and that the couple planned on making Alexandria the new capital of Rome.

In 31 B.C. Cleopatra and Antony fought Octavius’s forces in the raging battle of Actium, which was on Greece 's west coast. The battle ended with a costly defeat for the Egyptians, forcing the couple to flee back to Egypt.
Antony later returned to the battlefield and was falsely informed that Cleopatra is dead, upon hearing the unknowingly false information, Antony stabbed himself, committing suicide. When Cleopatra learned about her lover’s death, she then committed suicide as well, getting bitten by an Egyptian cobra. She died on August 12, 30 BC, and she and Antony were buried together, and Egypt soon became a part of the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of
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