Cleveland Clinic Mission Statement

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ORGANIZATION MISSION, VISION, VALUES AND SHARED GOVERNANCE Everything we do follows a protocol that was learned through teaching, trial, and error. Additionally, everything that an organization does is based upon similar protocols. Success is always the preferred result, however we all; including organizations, encounter failure. As we grow we develop new, more complex goals. These goals become our focus and our “mission” is to reach attainment. Furthermore, the goals of an organization hold the same purpose and is known as the mission statement. A mission statement is the organization’s goals, it states why they are in business and how they plan to better the field in which they belong. It is a care plan of sorts that assesses their field…show more content…
Furthermore, when breaking down the Cleveland Clinic’s mission statement we see that there are three main areas; (1) care, (2) investigation, and (3) education. The organization’s efforts can be seen in the fact that patient care (1) is improved through proper education (2) of the latest innovations and continual research (3). As an employee of an organization, you are expected to represent their beliefs and goals, in other words, you must be the brand they wish to…show more content…
As for the Cleveland Clinic, the section of data analytic remains with the trend of being patient centered. Furthermore, it is important to explore which data analytic approach is chosen and whether it is centralization, decentralization, or in between. When asked about the data analytic approach they have chosen, Eric Hixson of the Cleveland Clinic responded with “where does data fill a gap, to influence decisions, direct or indirect, about patient care? So our focus really is on what the outcome is that I’m trying to influence, not so much on the product itself. So, what does it do, rather than what it is? That is our focus” (2015). With that being said, the approach employed by the Cleveland Clinic would be that of in
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