Cleveland Hospital Case Study

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Introduction In this project, we were asked to find an issue and to try to find a solution using design thinking and empathy skills that we learned in the class.Therefore, created a group to implement this project with group members are Ahmed Alkhmeri, Khalid Askar, Saleh Almahri and Abdullah Alali. We selected Cleveland Hospital for this project, the Stakeholders in this hospital are: - 1) Patient 2) Officer 3) Nurse 4) Doctor We had to go and contact these stakeholders who have an interest in this issue while we take their own opinions of the reasons and the solutions from them, at the same time we created a Point Of View which is the position of the narrator in relation to the story, as indicated by the narrator's outlook from which…show more content…
Another point is street traffic, which means that if we find a group of people whose working time ends at a time that is close to each other, it may cause congestion in the roads. And the most of the patient examination takes more time than allowed time. It delays the appointment of next patient. Another problem is the number of patients they are requesting for appointment is more so they have to arrange appointment for all in limited…show more content…
• Have doctors any role in arranging the appointments of patients? • What do you think is the main reason for this problem? • What should be followed to solve this problem? Doctor said, the main problem for delaying schedule is some patients need deep examination depending his disease. For that it will take more time to finish that patient. This will make delay to next customer. If there is emergency case like accident, doctor need to go there, it will also make some delay. And also doctor always has much work to do such as writing information in the computer also he says paper work makes slow because he has to record all things and another cause is less number of doctors in the hospital. Conclusion: - Appointment scheduling systems are used by most of organization to manage access to service providers. The problem of delay on taking appointments in the hospital has many causes and factors, while population growth may also affect it because it may put some pressure on health services, but still there will be right for the customers for being Patient sometimes, and they must also be on time to follow, in order to follow the rules so, we should always keep calm and understand it in a simple way so that we can solve a problem Appointments that

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