Clickbait Advertising: The Negative Effects Of Media In The Media

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All media is biased. The bias is media could be split into three main areas of influence, Advertisements, clickbait journalism, and Politics. Advertisements providing almost all of the money for mainstream media outlets gives them enormous power to control what our media outlets let into the public eye. Clickbait journalism has a negative impact on consumers, misleading titles that are eye grabbers trick people into believing things that aren 't the full truth. Arguably the most impactful bias in the media is the political bias that can be influences and forced into media from almost anything. All of these are reason as to why the media is bias.
The influence of the mainstream advertising companies on the content of media outlets cannot be overstated. Seventy percent of a media outlets income comes from advertising companies, and because of this the advertising companies have the power to pseudo threaten companies by withdrawing their ads and income. Some specific examples of high end corporations using their money as a bargaining chip is on Youtube. Youtubes “Google prefered advertising” is an advertisement program for prefered channels on youtube that holds nearly 50% of the advertisement money a content creator can access behind a locked door whose key is aligning with Youtube and Google 's ideals. This is very inhibiting to this media outlet and rides the fine line on being propaganda.
The effect of clickbait journalism on media. Clickbait journalism has become

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