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Is training a parrot to do tricks hard? I have five parrots who get more intelligent every day. Two are my parrots are rescues, the lady who had them did not care about them whatsoever, after 3 months after I got and tamed them I started clicker training. I 'm sure most people have no idea what clicker training is. It 's a small box that "clicks" that lets the parrot know it 's getting a treat for good behavior. I have learned a lot from doing this, mostly how brilliant these creatures can be. My parrots names are Xander, Rosie, Bella, Jackson and Mux. Xander is a Pied Cockatiel, Rosie is a Pearl Cockatiel, Bella is a Olive Green Budgie, Jackson is a Skyblue Budgie and Mux is a Hyacinth Macaw. Everyone of my parrots are from Australia except Mux, he is from South America, all hatched here in the United States though. I do not know much of Xander 's and…show more content…
Everyone of my birds love millet spray. I 'm sure you have no idea what that is. Millet Spray is a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses that all parrots seem to love. It is a really big help with training because they will do almost anything for it. Rosie loves almonds, she will eat just about anything you give her or at least try it. She will usually fly over to my bed if I am eating anything and try and take a bite. She is the sweetest one out of them all. I usually like to start training about an hour after I get home from school. Some of the tricks I 've taught did not even need the clicker, like teaching Rosie to kiss. She loves to give kisses, she will usually give me a kiss on the cheek when I pick her up. My SkyBlue Budgie Jackson likes to hang upside from finger, he likes to do it when their are a lot of people around so he can show off. Jackson also lays on his back, we are working on "playing dead" now, it is a real challenge. They do talk, they sadly Xander is the only one that can talk but sadly he has a small vocabulary but can say words like
"Hello, I love you and good

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