Client Assessment Research Paper

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Written Assignment #1 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Aysen Lengerli Topcu Written Assignment Existing client assessment data could be both beneficial and misleading for a counselor in many ways in treatment planning. Especially, in the initial intake interview, counselors attempt to understand and explore the client’ problematic areas, history, functionality, previous mental, physical history, cultural factors, and so forth as well as to establish a rapport. At this time, obtained data helps the counselor make a decision about the next step. For example, counselors consider that which additional test/instruments are necessary to get a better understanding about the client, to conceptualize the problem, and…show more content…
Previous problems might still be in effect. Likewise, any negative experience associated with the mental health specialist or the negative outcome of the treatment is most likely to influence the client’s attitude and cooperation toward both treatment and the therapist. Moreover, previous diagnosis and medication are essential data for the counseling process. Sometimes clients cannot name their previous diagnosis, and give details about past and current problems. Nevertheless, therapists can gain insight into the client’s mental health history by considering his/her medications and mental health report. One of the cases we worked on another class, a female client who came to therapy due to her son’s insistent, suffers from low energy, progressively worsen cognitive difficulties, and sleep problems. After a while, it turned out to be that she regularly visits many physicians to take prescribed pills without letting them inform. So this valuable data point out a significant substance problem. Consequently, counselors have to make a great deal of effort to reach this valuable existing client…show more content…
Since, sometimes clients tend to hide their violence history. In fact, this is crucial to get a better understanding about the client’s coping strategies and behavioral patterns. This is especially true for mandated clients and people with some certain type of personality disorders. For instance, people with antisocial personality disorder often become so manipulative. They can easily mislead the counselor in many ways. Thus, any information pointing out his/her personality disorder and behavioral patterns should be taken serious. Consequently, any existing data is essential for counselor to recognize the clients’ problems, coping strategies and needs. In addition, it may provide a different perspective of the client’s problem. By this means, counselors are able to compare the past and current situation, and decide the new assessment strategies and treatment plan. However, these data have some disadvantages as well, and counselors should be mindful about

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