Client Interview Reflection

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Additionally, as a counselor, it is important to be genuine with whatever feedbacks one presents to the patient and what one believes regarding the situation of the client. Mrs. Perez believes the more authentic and genuine he is with her patients, the more help he will be able to offer the clients. As a counselor, it is important to have a fine and professional interaction with one 's client but boundaries must be maintained. Through this, a counselor is able to demonstrate their focus on helping the patients by showing the client that they understand their problems. It also through such engagements that counselor is able to use the non-judgmental attention that does not require words for illustration in helping the patient. Lastly, being a…show more content…
From the ideas and techniques that Mrs. Perez used, I realized how these interviews could be helpful if utilized and applied in the proper way. To me, this assignment was the best and it helped me further my development and growth as a future mental health counselor. The most interesting and educative aspect of this interview was how Mrs. Perez applied most of the counseling techniques, such motivational stage that we have been taught in class. Aspects such as paraphrasing the words of your clients, tone, and facial expressions are critical in a counseling session and students always overlook these techniques. The way Mrs. Perez employed according to her explanation was excellent and her ideas justified the importance of such points in any counseling session. In my assessment concerning the professionalism of Mrs. Perez, she is a character with a gift in counseling that makes her appropriate for a counseling job particularly the one that deals with women. Her counseling changes live and she has been able to assist many women to change for the better. From my experience with her, I feel like this is the best career for me and I have to pursue it by any means. The method through which she approaches things is the best and can be of significant help to many women with similar problems. I would recommend anyone to her since from what I learned she is one of the best in dealing with mental problems among
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