Client Reflective Report

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In the beginning, my comfort level on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the greatest comfort, I was a 1. I was unsure of what to say and how others would react to what I said. I have never been the greatest actor either. After working with others in my triads, I realized we are all in the same boat. There are some students that are great at what they say in the session and others like me, who are still unsure. Watching each classmate, I noticed we all began getting better acquainted and comfortable with one another. As a class, we grew closer. I began getting more comfortable with my fellow classmates and my comfort level did rise to at least a 7. A 7 is progress for me and progress is always great to feel. I noticed how each classmate handled different situations. I was able to walk around and listen in on different classmates. As a class and thinking back to the first day, we all are doing great. When I was the counselor, I notice how easy it was for me to stay focused…show more content…
Invitation skills include good eye contact, soft smiles, and appearing open to the client. I notice also that in one of my triads, the counselor assigned the client a homework assignment. This is considered a goal setting skill. I will be working on that because it is an excellent idea to keep the client thinking about what they need to do to improve. In all of my triads, we were all motivational and helpful to one another. I believe that being a motivator is a big part of being a counselor. We instill hope in each other. We also incorporated reflective feelings. In the book, it talks about how reflective feelings shows the client that we the counselor understands what the client is feelings. Reflective feelings also are helpful in the paraphrasing aspects of counseling. Both techniques go hand in hand in building that relationship with the client. The client wants to feel understood and that the counselor actually cares about their
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