Cliff Notes And Parody Analysis

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A college student's best friend is cliff notes. It provides information that is quick and easy to find for all sorts of books. However, it also illustrates the laziness of society and the emotional attachment from great works of society. Therefore, a parody on this is able to create great exposure to this flaw, while also providing a good amount of humor. In order to expose society the author uses incongruity and parody, to show that society is very lazy. The majority of the piece relies heavily on incongruity. The first example of this is the title. Cliff Notes are known for being very dry and without any of the emotions of the book. So, for someone to be moved to tears by the cliffnotes is an extreme incongruity. It also does this in the first paragraph on how the character flowchart stirred something in her. This is absurd because a flowchart has no emotional value to move someone to tears. Another example of this is in the…show more content…
The first example of this is the quote “I never wanted the synopsis to end” imitating “I never wanted the book to end.” A second is when she says that A mice and men is the most purchased cliff notes on the rack, this imitates the bestseller list. Another example is when she read the synopsis in one sitting. Giving the illusion that the synopsis was so great she just couldn’t put it down much in the same way a book grabs you attention. The final use of parody is the final paragraph when she says “I loved this book so much, I’m going to read all of steinbeck’s cliff notes... but first I’m going to go get the original version of Mice and Men starring John Malkovich.” This works on the the common phrase of I love this author so I will read all of his books. Then, since now everyone knows she hasn’t read it, she says she will watch the movie. This continues to grow the the humor and exposure of society, that she was moved to tears by not reading the book. Showing the laziness of
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