Cliff-Personal Narrative

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I stood on the edge of what seemed like life or death. Looking down, I knew it was a long way to be falling from. I stepped back, away from the cliffs sharp edges while everyone behind me waited patiently. “You don’t have to do it, you know.” said my dad. I wanted to jump so badly, but my fear of heights was holding me back. This fear was like an invisible wall placed at the cliff's edge. Down below me, my cousin and aunt had already taken the plunge into the dark water below. It was so deep. I dragged myself back towards the edge and I stood with my toes tightly gripping the cliffs unforgiving edges.Peering down again, it seemed even further than before and the rocks below looked even more jagged. If I jumped I could make no hesitations, There was zero room for error.…show more content…
In the water below, nearby the rough edges of the cliff, was my aunt and cousin treading water. They were both calling out for me to do it. I took a deep breath. My heart was racing as fast as it possibly could. Then, finally, without any hesitation at all, and an ounce of courage, I leapt forward off of the angry face of the cliff. My fall began.Now in a complete freefall downwards I had enough time to think to myself: “ I am still falling” it was a weird feeling. As I realized this I had almost forgotten about the water below and before I knew it my feet shattered the surface and I rocketed straight down underneath it. I sank at least seven feet. Before I resurfaced myself, I paused for a second. I was overjoyed. I had beat my fear of heights and did something I thought I would never do. Soon after, I pushed my face through the cool water and resurfaced smiling. “That was awesome!” I said. That incredible summer day, I went cliff jumping and loved
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