Clifford Brown Alzheimer's Case Studies

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Clifford Brown (my great-grandfather), Renfrew County, Ontario (birth date unknown). Clifford Brown died due to issues with Alzheimer’s (death date unknown).
Iva Brown (maiden name unknown; my great-grandmother) was born in Renfrew County, Ontario on an unknown date. Iva Brown died at the age of 92 due to natural causes. Clifford and Iva had two children; Lois (my grandmother, alive) and Graham (deceased). There is little known about this side of the family, my grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s and is in no state to give an oral history. There is a health history of Alzheimer’s in this family. There is no other health concerns, no addictions, no alcoholism or mental health concerns. Graham suffered from a heart attack, which led to his
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There are no living members of this generation alive; because of this it was extremely hard to find any information. All children in this family died of heart attacks at a young age. There is a serious health concern here for any heart issues. There is no history of any addiction, mental health or other health concerns.
John Wesley and Lois had three children, Susan, John and Harry. Susan is married to Mike Soroski and has three children, Colinda, Marie and Amy. In this family structure Colinda has two children, Jayden and Carlie and Marie was one child, Ryland. John never married and has recently come out as a homosexual. Harry (my father) is married to Patricia McClure and has three children, Shohannah, Angel and Nathaniel. In this family structure there is a history of obesity, as well as a history of dementia and Parkinson’s. There is no history of alcoholism, and no history of smoking.
Two members of this family structure have a university degree, 2 members have a college degree, eight members have a high school diploma, and the other members have less then high school or are completing education.
Two members of this family structure do suffer from ADD and ADHD. Angel and Nathaniel have both been diagnosed with these two disorders; there is a history of heart attacks as well
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